InfoBits provides you with the right blend of industry knowledge and experience, helping you pave the way towards success. As industry thought leaders and best-practice judges for over a decade, our consultants are in the know about what top-performing organizations have done to succeed. Also, as industry instructors, we are on the leading edge when it comes to knowledge of current industry best-practices. Combined with practical consulting experience across a range of industries, this provides you with the ingredients that can make the critical difference. Our mission is to guide our clients along the path to impactful uses of information and analytics.

Last couple of years, InfoBits has been at the leading edge of developing custom business intelligence solutions – leveraging our consultants’ deep knowledge of business analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence and performance management – to help a wide range of companies improve their core business processes and increase profitability

Solution providers tend to redefine your problem to fit their solution.
InfoBits has the right people and philosophy to fit the solution to the customer’s needs.

  • We understand that choosing the right technology is not an easy process so we work closely with our clients to fully understand their goals to ensure a positive outcome.
  • Our goal is to constantly innovate in our domain of expertise, in order to meet evolving organizational needs, and to optimize the delivery of solutions and services to guarantee to our clients the highest added value.
  • For many companies, there is a gap between what business users need and what technical teams deliver. Fortunately our business intelligence consultants are here to bridge that gap.
Our Vision is realized through ...